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FFF 3D Printing

Build volume: 250x210x340mm
Materials: PLA, PETG

SLA 3D Printing

Build volume: 335x200x300mm
Materials: Standard, Engineering grade, Biocompatible

Laser Cutting & Engraving

Bed size: 900x1200mm
Materials: MDF, acrylics, leather, paper

CNC Pipe bending

Non-mandrel tube and pipe bending
Minimum radius: 3 times the pipe diameter.
Maximum radius: 364mm

Metal fabrication & Welding

Cutting, grinding, shearing etc
Welding: MIG, TIG, Arc, spot.

CNC Milling – 5 axis

762 x 406 x 508mm travels

CNC Turning

Chuck size: 210mm
Max. cutting diameter: 298mm

CNC Routing

Bed size: 1524 x 3048mm
Materials: Plywood, foam, plastics, non-ferrous metals
Maximum thickness: 75mm

Environmental stress testing

Temperature and humidity chamber:
Industrial oven:
Vibration & shock testing:

PCB layout design

Upto 4 layer boards

Electronics testing [Equip. rental]

Testing equipment like oscilloscopes, signal generators, spectrum analyzers, etc.

Thermal imaging

Variants: Handheld, mobile and electronics

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